The best travel luggage and bags for every trip

This is the best travel luggage and travel bags that you must have for every trip!

If you’ve ever traveled before then you know how important luggage is. There is nothing worse than luggage that doesn’t work for you.

Luggage comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and specific conveniences for a reason. And there is a perfect fit for you! Especially for you, single moms and dads.

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Luggage Nightmare

Try rolling through the Cruise terminal or a busy airport with wheels that lock up, break, or completely come off! Ouch!

I’ve had luggage with stuck zippers and busted zippers. I’ve had wheels lock up on me and the worst was a particular bag of mine that I bought cheap last minute, it kept tipping to one side on one wheel.

I struggled and fought that bag the whole way through the Cruise terminal while trying to hold on to my other bags as well…it was insane.

I’m so glad that was a solo cruise trip without Bella!
Just imagine fighting with a Very challenging toddler and all those bags with a tipping roll around on one wheel!


I’m sad to say that was a terrible experience for me as a first time cruiser. I will never buy cheap travel luggage again!

So, based on that little disaster, and a few others, I’ve done the work for you and compiled a list of trustworthy luggage that will work for you. It’s simply the best in travel luggage and bags!

I promise you, it is worth spending the extra cash for good stuff!

You can start out with this book:

It’s the story of Meriweather Cline and her crazy travel adventures. It won’t be long before you realize why she named her book, If I Had Known I Would’ve Bought Better Luggage!

And why you should buy better luggage too!

The Best Travel Luggage Suitcases


Here are my ultimate favorite suitcases, luggage, and bags for traveling. They are pricey but you may never have to buy luggage again…ever! So it is definitely worth the investment to buy the best travel luggage you can afford.

And if you do a lot of traveling, cheap luggage will wear out quickly. You’ll end up spending more money over time re-buying cheap luggage.

So, go ahead and take the plunge, traveler! You won’t regret it when you see others fighting with their luggage!

Not to mention, my suggestions will have you looking great and traveling in style!

Here’s My Favorite Travel Luggage and Travel Bags as Promised!

Tumi Bags and Luggage

Tumi Garment Luggage Bag

This bag is an absolute must! It’s made to carry your formalwear, suits, or wedding dresses.

If you’re going out of town for a wedding, funeral, speaking engagement, business trip, or any trip that requires you to dress formally, this bag is a must have!

Trust me guys, your clothes will wrinkle in anything other than Tumi’s garment bag.

Also Great for cruise ship trips and carrying casual dresses, blouses, and slacks or trousers.

Tumi Crossbody Bag

Ladies, this crossbody travel bag is the bomb for going on excursions!

If you are planning a cruise, don’t be caught without this bag.
Wear it anytime you want to be hands free while keeping your personal belongings safe.

Tumi Hardcase

Everybody needs Tumi Hardcase Luggage in their travel gear

Nothing protects like a Hardcase suitcase. This is a necessity if you might be in inclement weather while traveling.

Don’t be caught out in the rain on vacation and end up with soggy clothes and personal belongings!

Trust me!

Been there… get the Hardcase!

These three items are the most important travel luggage accessories in my travel gear and I won’t go anywhere without them.

I hope I’ve been helpful with your travel luggage purchases, and if you enjoyed the post please comment below.

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